1. He took a turtle shell from the set of Still because Emily said she liked it then wrote Beth + Daryl (2000 whatever) on the shell and gave it to Emily as a wrap present.
  2. When asked how he got into character for the Still porch scene “All if had to do was just look at her”. (could be a Normily…

Norman calls her a little Savage Girl when killing the walker in the country club.


He’s all like, “look at that little savage. Look at that little savage girl.” And Angela’s all like “little bad ass Beth” and Norman goes “right?”

Norman damnit.

"all i had to do was just look at her"


-Norman Reedus on getting into character for the talk on the porch X


This is the timeline expressions of my day to day life decisions


Beth + Daryl = cute text posts

Well this would make more sense if she didn’t go around singing “fuck the skinny bitches”

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so Charlotte Bronte read Emma by Jane Austen and was really interested in this minor character named Jane Fairfax who was poor and would have been a governess had she not married well and then Bronte wrote her own novel exploring the plight of the poor governess who married this guy named Edward Fairfax Rochester in a novel called Jane Eyre and my point is don’t let anyone tell you shit about fanfiction.

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gaining followers at the speed of something really slow

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